HELLO!!! :D And welcome to my extra large shrine corner for my self-ship with Chop-Top Sawyer!! From the second Texas Chainsaw Massacre film!! :9 Our ship name is Chopscotch (like hopscotch)! And I am especially deranged about this subject, so I apologize in advance for the extreme quantity of stuff... At least you'll have plenty of places to look around here!!!

I love love LOVE talking about Chopscotch and I do have other places where I post about them... But, this is a less obtrusive way for me to share and talk about it all, I suppose!

I've also written a lot of lore and details about my self-insert! His background, his role in the story, and his relationship to other characters in the Texas Chainsaw films!! You can click here to read more about him! :D

You can also click one of the four buttons below to read more about my insert's relationship dynamics with the rest of the Sawyers, if you'd like!! Anyway... I'll let you look around!! Thank you so much for checking this page out!! Have a great day!!