A fake TV Parental Guidance warning labelled 'TV PG DLSV' in bold white text against a black background.
A cartoony digital illustration of a character with tan skin, freckles, and brown curly hair. He is wearing a yellow jacket and a matching yellow beanie, as well as bell bottom jeans, a white crop top, a brown belt with a round belt buckle and white shoes. He is standing with a slightly slouched posture and is raising his hand in a peace sign. He is smiling wide and looking off to the right.
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Hello hello! And welcome to my website! :)

This is a space for me to share my art, my hobbies, and my interests! I hope you can find something that brings you joy here as well!!! Please keep in mind that I am a horror fan and I frequently discuss horror-related themes! I try to put warnings where I think they are needed, but if that kind of content freaks you out, I would recommend exploring elsewhere!

This site is not mobile friendly and is best viewed in 1920 x 1080 resolution on Firefox, so it may look sort of bizarre in other formats! Thank you for your understanding!

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An animated ad for Tamagotchi Connection with bright colors.