MAJOR WARNING for discussions and depictions of fictional violence and murder!

MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!!! This franchise was my first love, as far as video games are concerned! And it has been around since the 1990's! It's a classic, and I don't think it requires much of an introduction! Mortal Kombat is referenced in all kinds of media across genres and across decades. And new games are still being released in 2023!!! Much to my delight, LOL! While MK originally took shape in the form of a classic, arcade fighting game, it spawned a franchise of movies, comics, and even more games all featuring its well-known cast of characters!

One thing that I love about MK is the fact that the oldest characters are pretty much always brought back and featured in new games. I love to see the evolution of the character designs, personalities, and relationships. I love a wide variety of the characters... In fact, it would probably be difficult for me to find the ones that I really dislike... All of them make me feel a cozy nostalgia for being a teenager and playing Mortal Kombat 9 for the first time. I can still remember sitting cross-legged on the carpeted floor, mashing buttons as I played as my favorite characters!

Before I let you look around, let me explain what you'll find in each section of my personal Mortal Kombat shrine corner! :D


I haven't played all of the games in the series, but I want to dedicate a spot for me to ramble about what I love the most about each of the games that I have played so far! As well as document games that I would like to play in the future! As I play new games, I will likely add updates to the page(s) to signify any new thoughts that I have!!


Once again, one of my most favorite parts of the franchise... So expect a lot of wordiness in this section, LOL! I will have each of my favorite characters separated into their own sections, with some even getting their own special pages to themselves (I'm looking at you Scorpion and Mileena)!


Anything else related to Mortal Kombat that I want to share! This is really a miscellaneous section with sorted thoughts from things like the movies/live-action pieces of media to MK community related stuff! Maybe you'll even find my hopes for future games, character appearances, etc...